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Ready to look your most radiant? Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment with Zina Boutaeva, MD, at Novo Medical Aesthetics in Ridgefield and Wallingford, Connecticut, uses the “golden portion” of your blood to bring on amazing skin revitalization or hair regrowth. You can choose from a PRP facial, PRP facelift, or PRP hair restoration, depending on your goals and needs. Call either location or use online booking to learn how PRP can turn back the clock for you.


How is PRP used in aesthetics?

To get the platelet-rich plasma or PRP for aesthetics procedures, Novo Medical Aesthetics uses your blood, drawn on-site. After separating the powerful platelets with the high-tech Magellan centrifuge, the PRP goes on your face or another area that requires treatment. The PRP sinks into your skin, infusing it with an amazingly powerful boost for extra rejuvenation. 

What is the PRP facial?

The PRP facial is a rejuvenating skin treatment that can help you look younger and better than you did in your youth. A PRP facial puts the healing platelets inside your blood into action within your face. 

A PRP facial can boost your appearance in many ways, including:

  • Reducement of lines and wrinkles
  • Thicker skin (less crepey skin)
  • Reduction in acne scars
  • Improved skin brightness
  • Reduced sun damage
  • Smoother skin

PRP facials aren’t just for the face, either; they can rejuvenate your neck, décolletage, and other areas, too.

What is the PRP facial process?

Novo Medical Aesthetics uses microneedling to make miniscule holes in your skin. The needles are very tiny, and reach only deep enough to reach the skin layer where you make collagen and elastin. This starts your body’s innate recovery process to help you get younger, firmer, and tighter skin with less lines and wrinkles.

The PRP goes on your face, sinking into the tiny punctures. 

There’s no downtime after a PRP facial. But, you typically have redness and swelling from the microneedling for up to 48 hours. A little peeling and dryness are normal for up to a week, but within a few weeks, most patients enjoy rejuvenated, luminously gorgeous skin.

What is the PRP facelift?

A rejuvenating PRP facelift is a non-surgical way to restore your appearance when you’re dealing with deeper lines, folds, and wrinkles along with other signs of aging. It’s much like the PRP facial but is a more intense treatment for more pronounced skin concerns. If you have facial folds (smile lines), sagging skin, or hollow looking cheeks, the PRP facelift might be a great treatment to consider. 

The PRP facelift uses the “golden portion” of your blood. The PRP gets delivered via strategic injections based on the areas where you need volume and healing the most.

There’s no downtime associated with a PRP facelift, but expect a little skin tenderness, redness, minor bruising, and swelling for a few hours. It won’t interfere with your daily routine in any way, though.

Over the next few months, you enjoy increasing improvements, including tighter skin, skin thickening where needed, smoother skin, and an overall rejuvenated appearance. 

Can PRP regrow my hair?

Yes, PRP can be quite effective for hair regrowth in cases of male or female pattern baldness. Novo Medical Aesthetics uses scalp injections of PRP for hair restoration, spaced a half-inch apart across your scalp. You may also get scalp microneedling to help awaken your hair follicles.

A series of PRP hair regrowth treatments, around a month to six weeks apart, can stimulate hair renewal. Within six to eight weeks of your PRP hair restoration treatment, you can see new hair growth. 

Novo Medical Aesthetics may combine PRP hair regrowth treatment with oral hair regrowth medication and/or topical scalp treatments for even better results. 

Want to get the benefits of PRP therapy for your face, body, and hair? Call either Novo Medical Aesthetics office or click the online scheduler now.