What Makes PRP Therapy So Effective?

What Makes PRP Therapy So Effective?

You can’t stop yourself from growing older — but you can take steps to keep from looking older! Wrinkled and sagging skin, blemishes, hair loss, and that worn-out look may come with aging, but modern aesthetic treatments can help you appear much younger and more energetic. 

For residents of Ridgefield and Wallingford, Connecticut, Novo Medical Aesthetics offers a range of professional services to help you age gracefully. From Botox® and fillers to PDO Threads and Laser Treatments, our talented physicians and staff offer the latest in innovative skincare, rejuvenation, and anti-aging therapies. 

One unique and popular treatment is Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy. Here, our team shares more about it and what makes it so effective in the battle against aging. 

What is Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy? 

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy is one of the most versatile and effective healing and anti-aging treatments available today. This simple and powerful therapy harnesses the incredible healing powers of your own body for targeted application where you need it most. 

Blood platelets are helpful for causing your blood to clot at the site of an injury, preventing you from bleeding to death. They are also instrumental in healing wounds. This is due to the vital growth factors they contain. 

Your body distributes them naturally to areas where they are needed. PRP Therapy cheats the process by obtaining your own platelets and then targeting them specifically into places where you need them most and in abundance. It is this abundance of directed platelets and growth factors that make the anti-aging magic happen! 

The process is simple. During your PRP therapy appointment, a team member will draw a blood sample, just like if you had routine blood testing. This sample is then spun in our own high-tech Magellan centrifuge to separate the platelets from the other blood products. Then, the plasma-rich platelets are injected into needed areas. 

At Novo Medical Aesthetics, we use PRP Therapy with: 

Skin rejuvenation

The PRP Facial adds rejuvenating PRP into a microneedling facial treatment in targeted areas of your face, neck, décolletage, and other areas to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines, thick, crepey skin, acne scars, sun damage, and other blemishes to result in smoother, brighter, younger-looking skin. 

Non-surgical facelifts 

Our rejuvenating PRP Facelift is a great way to avoid surgery or other invasive treatments while dealing with deeper folds, lines, and wrinkles. PRP is injected directly into these areas for more powerful rejuvenating processes than a PRP Facial. Over time, skin becomes tighter, brighter, and smoother. 

Hair regrowth 

Those suffering male or female pattern baldness can benefit from PRP for hair regrowth. Scalp injections of PRP and possibly scalp microneedling can jumpstart dormant hair follicles to begin producing again. Your aesthetician from Novo Medical Aesthetics may combine PRP injections with other hair regrowth strategies. 

What are the benefits of PRP therapy?

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is loaded with benefits, just like it is loaded with healing properties. Patients avoid surgery or other invasive treatments while enjoying incredible, naturally-occurring results for anti-aging. There are almost no side effects from PRP therapy, mostly a slight redness or stinging at the injection site, which typically dissipates quickly. Depending on how PRP therapy is used, you may have other slight reactions. But it is entirely safe since it uses your own blood as the healing agent. 

PRP therapy requires some time before results are noticeable. You may require several PRP therapy sessions to achieve the look or effects you desire. Dr. Boutaeva or Dr. Turok can recommend the best therapy regimen when you come in for a consultation. 

We have two convenient locations to serve you, so call or book an appointment online to ask about our aesthetic treatments, including PRP therapy for anti-aging. 

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